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Linatech's Showcase in the 59th ASTRO

Nov 1, 2017

After the overwhelming respond from AAPM exhibition this year, Linatech LLC attended the 59th ASTRO again as an exhibitor(Booth 2523).

ASTRO is the well-known American Society for Radiation Oncology, it was started since the mid-1950s in Chicago. This year the conference was hold in San Diego Convention Center from 24th to 27th, Sept. The 59th Astro turned out to be a huge success with over 11,000 visitors from all over the world, and a bunch of high standard parallel tracks. It is a good chance for people from different subjective of the Radiation Oncology to gather, exchange mind, and learn new technology together.

This year, Linatech LLC, as a leading leading manufacturer of medical devices and software in radiotherapy, exhibited its superior product of D2SRS, as well as its collaborative product with Standard Imaging, the IVS-Dose Verification System. Attention was drown not only from lots of Doctors and Medical Physicists working at prestigious and prominent radiation oncology centers, but also from CEOs and Product Managers from different corporations of the industry, which indicated a bright future of the application of Linatech products in the market.

LinaTech’s cutting-edge D2SRS, SRS/SBRT treatment system integrated with micro MLC CC51, the best LINAC add-on system for SRS/SBRT treatment.

D2SRS is a new generation of precision radiotherapy product for stereotactic radiosurgery, innovated by Linatech. It is effective for intracranial lesions and small tumors, and specialized in solving tiny tumor problem for doctors and physicists. D2SRS integrates micro-multi-leaf-collimator and cylinder cones with excellent positioning accuracy and dose conformity to achieve a combination of intensity modulated radiation therapy (IMRT / VMAT) and stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS / SBRT). D2SRS can carry out high-dose irradiation when implementing SRS/SBRT in clinic,dispelling misgivings about the treatment accuracy. It can be widely used in the treatment of craniofacial Lung cancer, liver cancer, prostate cancer and pancreatic cancer, brain cancer and other radical treatment.

D2SRS is consisted of micro-multi-leaf-collimator (TiGRT MLC-CC51), radiotherapy planning system (TiGRT TPS), intelligent image guided radiotherapy system (TiGRT IVS). Other accessories such as iCK (intelligent Couch Kick), DVS (Dose Verification System with iQC phantom), iRV (Intelligent Record and Verification), and BPS (Binocular Positioning System) are also integrated to ensure a safe and accurate treatment with great convenience and efficiency.

EPID (Electronic Portal Imaging Device), integrated with Ion Chamber for dose verification, has drawn a lot of attention in ASTRO.

TiGRT IVS(Image Verification System),which can be integrated in any LINAC, TPS and radiotherapy network, provides IGRT solution for clinician. TiGRT IVS utilizes an advanced Amorphous Silicon Flat Panel MV X-ray Detector (EPID) to capture a patient’s field+ images and verify patient’s position, which ensures the accurate implementation of radiation treatment. The application of TiGRT IVS improves the accuracy of the placement of the patient, avoids the error from displacement that leads to damage to the normal tissue of the patient, reduces the probability of normal tissue complication, thereby increasing the survival rate of the cancer patient and it is important for the clinical implementation of radiation therapy significance. TiGRT IVS provides assurance for doctor, physicists and radiation oncologists in practicing medicine in radiation therapy.

The panel provides highest resolution in MV image so far. During the positioning before each treatment, it can improve the accuracy and efficiency of this process tremendously. With Linatech DVS software and Linatech iQC phantom, a whole batch of QA that is required in TG142 can be carried out fast and easily. With ion chambers integrated in the panel, the dose QA can also be carried out for CRT/IMRT plans. A report will be generated automatically after completing the QA/QC process.

About LinaTech
LinaTech, headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, is a leading manufacturer of medical devices and software for treating cancer with radiotherapy. The company supplies informatics software for managing comprehensive cancer clinics, radiotherapy centers and medical oncology practices. Additional information is available through www.linatech.com.

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