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TiGRT DICOM RTLink system (RTLink) is mainly for users with multiple sets of TPS’s or linacs. RTLink provides data connection for radiotherapy, and also solutions for data transfer and interaction management between different devices. TiGRT RTLink can be used to connect most radiotherapy devices, like medical imaging equipments (CT, MRI, PET), treatment planning system (TPS), doctor workstation (DrW), accelerators, simulators, and movable laser systems, to achieve treatment data sharing. TiGRT RTLink can avoid equipment failure caused by intermittent treating in order to enhance the utilization and complementarities of the medical devices.

Technical Specifications

1) Automatic sending and receiving.
2) Automatic data conversion and transfer.
3) Automatic organ contouring.
1) Central-control mode for data sharing.
2) Enhance the utilization and complementarity of radiation treatment equipments.
1) Integration of multiple systems to establish a seamless connection.
2) Support of all DICOM 3.0/RT data.
3) Scalable for future demand.

Special Features

1) Import and export of DICOM 3.0/RT patient data sets.
2) DICOM 3.0/RT communication to various RT planning systems, therapy machines and R&V systems.
3) Support for patient images, RT planning, online storage, and image/plan archiving.
4) Independent doctor contour delineation station.
5) Virtual simulation and plan evaluation station.
6) Remote treatment planning.