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(Multifunctional, Multi-Images and AI-based Medical Linac)


VenusX multi-modal intelligent linear accelerator is a medical electronic linear accelerator that integrates world-class technology and aesthetics. It adopts a modular design, is equipped with the world's first orthogonal double-layer multi-leaf collimator (MLC), independent double-slip ring CBCT image guidance, and EPID one-key automatic quality control (One-key QA). Such systems can carry out multiple new radiotherapy technologies such as rotational intensity-modulated radiotherapy, image-guided radiotherapy, stereotactic radiotherapy, etc., raising the accuracy of radiotherapy to an unprecedented new level. Its characterization and humanized control system in combination with an ultra-stable dose output system make the treatment process simpler and more efficient. The highly aesthetic industrial design and treatment comfort design fully take care of the treatment experience of patients, reduce the treatment pressure of patients, and allow patients to complete the treatment process more easily and comfortably.

Technical Specifications