The technical service department is dedicated to providing high-quality customer service to support our users worldwide. With efficient logistics, we ensure quick and easy support to our target countries. Our team of professional engineers is assigned to each office based on user needs, ensuring standardization of service operations and quality. We maintain detailed records of the service process and user files, regularly analyze equipment use and maintenance, and develop feasible service methods and items to ensure quality services.

  • • Professional Support: Experienced installation and maintenance team with strong R&D support.
  • • Regular Maintenance: Regularly scheduled maintenance and clinical use survey feedback to ensure continuous and stable equipment use.
  • • Remote Service: Remote problem diagnosis, fault repair, and plan production for added convenience.

Services Process
  • • Service process: Our service process covers pre-sales support, on-site visits, installation support, after-sales service, and value-added services to ensure a seamless experience for our customers.
  • • Pre-sale support: Pre-sale support involves product and clinical introduction, feasibility analysis, and technical Q&A.
  • • On-site visits: On-site visits include sample site visits, on-site experiences, and company visits.
  • • Installation support: Installation support covers bunker survey, decoration plan provision, and on-site installation.
  • • After-sales service: After-sales service includes equipment upgrades, remote diagnosis, regular training, and maintenance.
  • • Value-added services: Value-added services encompass expert guidance, market promotion, talent training, and academic research to add more value for our customers.