Southern European and Southeast Asian market on the rise
--April 24-28, 2015

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LinaTech showcased its cut-edge add-on cancer treatment solutions at ASTRO Annual Meeting
--September 14-17, 2014

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TiGRT MLC (Dynamic Multileaf Collimator)
The TiGRT MLC is designed using advanced DSP and FPGA electronic design technologies and incorporates our user friendly TiGRT TPS software to provide the user with the ability to implement both Conformal Radiation Treatment (CRT), Intensity Modulated Radiation Treatment (IMRT) as well as Sliding ARC protocols, and works with TiGRT IVS to perform SRS and 4D tracking functions. All functions are available in one fully integrated treatment package!
TiGRT IVS (Image Viewing System)
Targeted Image Guided Radiation Therapy The TiGRT IVS (Image Viewing System) is an accurate and easy-to-use Patient Position Verification and Electronic Portal Imaging Device (EPID) system. It is used for patient position verification, patient tumor tracking and localization, portal verification and record, dynamic MLC leaf detection, dosimetry verification, and exist dose recording. IVS uses stand-alone 8” or 16” digital panel hardware and related software for calculating a 6 dimensional correction vector (3 translations + rotation, pitch, roll) that is required to bring the patient to the position and orientation specified in the prescription.
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  • TiGRT MLC (Dynamic Multileaf Collimator)
  • TiGRT IVS (Image Viewing System)