Top Three Trends in Radiation Therapy

Oct 14, 2022

As per the recent stats, approximately 1.9 million people will be diagnosed with cancer in the United States in 2022, and 50% of these patients will undergo radiation therapy for either cure or palliation.

Here are the top three leading trends in radiation therapy that are shaping the future of cancer treatment:

1. AI Paves the Way:

Artificial intelligence (AI) can enhance the accuracy, precision, efficiency, and overall quality of radiation therapy for cancer patients. AI augments the ability of physicians and physicists to perform tedious tasks and is making an impact in contouring and labeling anatomy, developing treatment plans, and providing adaptive plans, among others. Those who have not yet embraced AI in their treatment protocols will be left behind.

2. Adaptive Radiation Therapy is Here:

Adaptive radiation therapy (ART) is the real-time modification of the treatment plan during the treatment course. ART can minimize toxicity and adjust target doses based on the organs at risk in real-time. However, complex workflows add uncertainty. For instance, in the delivery of lung cancer treatment, the nature of the moving target, tumour shrinkage, and complex dose accumulation adds even more challenge. LinaTech's innovative approach, involving multiple layers of MLC and the right angles independently, increases the accuracy, precision, and speed in real-time delivery of radiation therapy.

3. Metaverse Future is Sooner Than You Expect:

The metaverse is a virtual space in which users can interact with a computer-generated environment and other users, offering the possibility of conducting medical consultations remotely. In the future, oncologists will be able to approve treatment plans from the comfort of their homes, or anywhere else with just a few clicks on their mobile phones.

LinaTech is at the forefront of all of these trends, enabling the future of precision health. For more information on LinaTech’s radiation oncology solutions and how they can help you embrace the future of cancer treatment, book a meeting with us at ASTRO today.

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